Date posted: 7/28/18
Location: NY

Say hola to Enrique! This handsome cow dog was surrendered by his owner who is often traveling and has not been able to give him enough time and attention. Thankfully, we do, and we'll find a forever family to give him what he needs!

He is definitely a lover--affectionate and charming, he seems to want nothing more than to spend time with people, and he has let his foster family know that he is thinking of them with a sad song whenever he is left alone. Enrique seems very interested to meet the three resident Frenchies, so it’ll likely be a lively fiesta once the slow introduction phase is over.

Although he knows most of his basic commands, Enrique has some trouble with his housebreaking, and his foster family will be working on that with a belly band. His foster family also noticed this little hombre had a bit of swagger in his walk, which turned out to be a possible neurological problem. Between that and getting neutered, Enrique has some vet appointments and rehab before he’s ready for adoption. If you want to make the process a little easier, click on his photo to sponsor this handsome fellow! Thank you!