Date posted: 7/8/17
Location: Central Texas

Perhaps you’ve met a lady like this yourself. A lady of, well, a “certain age.” Perhaps she was your neighbor, grandmother or great aunt. Demure and delicate on the surface. A bit thin. “Probably eats like a bird,” you thought. “Poor dear.” She has a few health problems. Nothing major, just bothersome. She takes lots of naps and moves slowly through life, her wild days long past.

Our latest foster is an old lady who is very much like this. Petite 13-year-old Esther was living with a family of six who realized they weren't able to give her all the care and attention she truly needs, given her age and chronic skin and eye conditions. Fortunately, they surrendered her to FBRN, and she has been settling in to her central Texas foster home for the past few weeks.

Esther’s foster mom immediately got to work to make Esther comfortable. She took her to the vet to address her health issues, and keeps her food and water bowls full. FBRN’s Esther is named after her foster mom’s own great-grandmother Esther, who she describes as a sweet and selfless lady who was always loving, despite the various challenges life sent her way. Foster mom reports that Esther the Frenchie has a similar spirit, exuding love and sweetness from the start, despite being uncomfortable and not feeling her best when she arrived.

Esther could certainly be forgiven if she wanted nothing more now than to cruise through her golden years in a quiet fashion. But lo and behold, it appears that beneath Esther’s quiet, unassuming exterior beats the heart of a much younger lady. Esther likes to eat. Loves to, actually. Word on the street is she is out-eating her 35-pound foster brother. Impressive! Now, fueled by a full stomach of a food she can't resist, Esther’s pep and spirit have made a comeback. She’s turned into a curious explorer who snoops around the house investigating interesting smells, tottering around on surprisingly substantial little-old-lady legs and clearly enjoying every minute of the day.

Foster mom has a mandate from the vet to put a few pounds on Esther, a task made much easier now that this little nugget discovered a love of sardines and satin balls. She receives thrice-daily medication for chronic conjunctivitis to help heal her sore eyes, and we are pleased to see remarkable improvement in her eyes and skin already. She still loves her naps, but foster mom also reports that she is shaping up to be an ideal movie-watching companion.

Are you smitten yet? We’re smitten. (The fact that Esther is precisely the color of perfectly-toasted toast just adds to our smittenness.) If you are as captivated as we are by this blonde beauty, consider donating a few clams to the newly-created “Esther’s Edibles” fund. Her vet would like Esther to gain an additional 4-5 pounds, and that’s a lot of sardines. Thank you!

Videos of Esther:

Foster Dog Esther





Get well, Esther! I'd love to give you a loving home for the rest of your years. Amanda Pace

Esther, old ladies rock!! Annie Campbell

I lost my sweet Tallulah almost a year ago and she would have been 12 this summer. My heart is wide open for these special seniors these days. Bless this little old girl! Lauren Tyska

for Esther. in honor of my grandmother Joycelynn Williams who passed in Februray at 96 years young. Darkswan Indulgences

We love your spirit Esther - from Me and my "Esther" a. Hope this will buy a few of those treats. Krista Moyes

Esther, you remind me of my beloved porky of the late duo pork and beans. She loved food also. Stephen Fleming

For Esther - love that you are the color of toast! Mmmmm toast! Yum! Get some yummy treats and snacks so you grow stronger. Soon you will have a forever family! Joanne Shepherd

Pretty little Esther hope you are feeling better soon. Debra Nash

Sara Foster