Date posted: 10/22/16
Location: Texas

The adorable Falkor has flown his way into foster care with FBRN. Falkor is a cute cream boy and somehow seems to be even cuter than the fluffy creature from The Neverending Story movie who is his namesake. This boy was surrendered to FBRN when his previous family could no longer afford the care for his allergies and his ear infections.

Falkor has more than just an ear infection. He has a mass that is currently protruding from one ear and a severe infection in his other ear. He will need to undergo surgery to let us see what is going on with the mass on his ear. That is on hold until the other ear with the infection is treated with antibiotics and steroids. His poor skin folds and feet are inflamed and swollen as well. Falkor will go back to the vet in a week to check on the infected ear. He could use some good luck!

He's already decided what dog bed would be his in his foster home. He spent the entire night rolling around on it like he was in love! He eats great and rarely makes a sound. Falkor is a little apprehensive about being picked up, it seems to make him think that he is in trouble or did something wrong. He got to experience a human bed for what seems like the first time. He army crawled all around the bed and didn't want his foster mom to stop petting him.

If you have an extra dollar or two, or want to send a Halloween treat to Falkor, please consider donating to him to help with the cost of his surgery. He also wouldn't mind if it went to something super soft that he could cuddle up in all the time! All that you need to do is click on the link to sponsor him. Thank you!




Teresa Caudle

greg stanley

Kim Stevens

Heather Trainer

Hey Falkor!! Hope this helps! You are one handsome fella!!! Katie McElhannon

Falkor ... hope this cash brings you treats so you can learn new tricks! What a handsome boy! Love & hugs for a speedy recovery... Stephanie & Benton

Falkor, you are adorable!! We hope your ears feel much better very soon!! Love, Cora, Boone, Delmer and George Berresford

To Falkor, you're in good hands buddy! Things are looking up! Love Millie the Frenchie

ellen parrill

Get well soon buddy! Love Lola Bean & Frankie Dean

For Falkor, get well little guy. William Masterson

Susan Marfise

ellen parrill

Anjanette Clark

Sending Frenchie Kisses, Hugs, and LOVE to you Falkor! May your surgeries go well and you recover quickly before finding your forever home! XOXO Candace Kroll

Feel better FalkorLisa Hilsenrath

For Falkor...poor baby. Those ears look painful! Nora Lawrence

Sending love to Falkor and hope this helps with his medical needs!!! Mary Hopkins

Hope little Falkor gets on the mend soon, such a sweet face deserves to be feeling great! Stacey Englund

Here you go buddy. Greg Stanley

Hillary Coppenbarger

I broke into my fishing money. Get well soon little man. Greg Stanley

I'm thankful you found FBRN, Falkor. Get well soon! audra vandiver

Get better Little Man! Tim Miller

To Falkor - get to feeling better real soon buddy! Love and rubs from Chuck & Tom

A Christmas Gift for Falkor! Get Well Soon! From Holly B.

This donation is for Falkor in Texas. Please use this for his surgery and care. Holly Baxter