Date posted: 12/17/16
Location: Kansas

Tender is the night…with a Frenchie by your side! At least that’s what Fitzgerald thinks. For this sweet little man, happiness is a warm lap, and a snuggle with his person is just this side of paradise.

One year-old Fitzgerald is a sad example of what happens when ignorant people breed Frenchies for color over genetics, with an eye toward profit rather than healthy, happy pups. He’s cute as a (Benjamin) button, but Fitzgerald suffers from a laundry list of genetic disorders. He has scoliosis, luxating patellas (also known as floating kneecaps), no hip joints to speak of (yikes), and a stenotic (constricted) rectum. Foster mom also suspects that he has an elongated palate, as his breathing isn’t all that great. On top of that, his “breeder” sold him intact, meaning that in the wrong hands, Fitzgerald could have passed all of his ailments on to another generation of dogs. Fortunately, he ended up in the right hands, and we at FBRN will do everything we can to get Fitzgerald in the best shape possible for a loving forever home.

Fitzgerald’s spine may be a little crooked and his gait a little wonky, but he doesn’t let it get him down. He’s sweet as a Christmas pudding and friendly to everyone he meets. Despite the problem with his rectum, he’s been an absolute potty champion, with exactly zero accidents in the house (although he gives foster mom the stink eye when he has to go out in the winter cold!) Fitzgerald is quiet and attentive, and enjoys observing the happenings around him from the comfort of his bed. And like a true Jazz Age tycoon, he likes to stay up late and sleep till noon—no early mornings for this little night owl!

With so many medical issues, Fitzgerald’s vet bills are going to cost a pretty penny. Can you help this old chap with some holiday cheer of the monetary sort? Just click on the link above to become his sponsor—and don’t forget to leave a note of encouragement! Fitzgerald will thank you with a snuffle and snort of gratitude.





Teresa Caudle

What a cute little guy! Hoping to see you on the available page real soon! Lynn Jacobson

Edward Hughes

Feel better little guy! C. Cary

Best of luck from Rin & Crew

Good luck buddy. Wish I could have you all to myself and give you a happy home with lots of love. Matt Nixon

For Fitzgerald-good luck little man. Love you! Hope you can get a little healthier and be a happy little boy. Gerald Boothe

Hope this helps, Fitzgerald looks like a very sweet pooch! Erin Jung

Love to Fitzgerald. Jean Conrad

Get better Fitzgerald!! Hope this little guy will get the care he needs and live a happy life :) Label Seven

Patricia Millan

Have a magical Christmas, Fitzgerald. Paul Jones

For Fitzgerald and Dinah. Hope you both find your forever homes soon. Megan Fitzgerald

from CeeCee

For Fitzgerald from Santa! Get healthy and be merry! With love, FBRN Grad Lola and Freddy


Be strong little one! Lance & Pixel

Libby Galle

Allison Gollnisch

Good luck wee guy hope u get your 4ever home soon x Linda Henderson

Chris Vititoe

Sharon Hutton

In memory of my sweet girl Gigi, Feel better little Fitz, may you find your special mommy soon. xoxo Laura Colacci

Hey Fitzgerald.. it won't be winter forever! Hope you're feeling awesome very soon. Love, Anne C.

I hope this helps sweet Fitz in some small way. Hugs and kisses. Dennis Wolfe

Julian Czubakowski


greg stanley