Date posted: 2/9/20
Location: CA

Get ready to fall in love with the adorable Fresca. Fresca found herself in the care of FBRN when her family dynamics were changing and they found that they couldn't give this girl the attention that she deserved. Fresca comes in on the petite side, weighing only 16 pounds.

Fresca doesn't appear to have had any puppies and has never been spayed. She celebrates a March birthday and, according to her foster mom, she doesn't chew on things. Her foster family will be making sure that she is potty trained, since it was noted that she wasn't when she was surrendered.

This 3-year-old girl has a bubbly personality! Fresca loves people and is an exceptionally sweet girl. She loves being around people and would do well in someone's arms. She has a tendency to crawl into laps and snuggle in. She loved riding in the car to get to her foster home and her first night went well with just a couple barks.

While she is in foster care, her foster home will be monitoring her behavior with other dogs, having a vet check up, a spay, and making sure she has something pink and blingy like every princess should. If you have a couple extra dollars to send Fresca's way for her surgery or some extra bling, all you need to do is click on the link to sponsor her. This effervescent little girl will offer a refreshing thank you and a smile in return!


Beautiful little Fresca, here is a little bit of moola to use for whatever you may need. You are absolutely precious!!  - Michelle - 

Fresca is such a sweetheart and deserves all the spoils of a princess! Sending love and kisses 333 Jesscia Yost

To Fresca Something pink and sparkly! From Beau the Frenchie in CA

Fresca! We hope you can use this for something you love! Kandice Harshaw

David Johnstone

From Serena in Seattle!

Fresca, I hope you get something as sparkly as your personality for Valentine's Day. Shannon Rhodes

For Fresca—you are the cutest little girl here’s a little something to get yourself something pink and blingy!! 3 McKenna Reilly

In memory of our beloved rescue Jazzy, Philip Maio

Every puppy deserves to be spoiled. I hope she gets a wonderful home! Jessica Hood

Pamela Payne

Krysta Peoples

Gracie Merino

Suzanne Clements

Elyse Magness