Date posted: 7/30/17
Location: Florida

Batten down the hatches, Gallagher has blown in with a gale-force wind! This eight-month-old sweetheart is bound to take the Frenchie lovers by storm and have a lot of fun doing it. Gallagher was surrendered when it became apparent to his owner that the young puppy wasn’t getting enough quality time. He’s ready to shower his humans with as many kisses and cuddles as they can take!

As one often is during explosive storms, Gallagher came into foster care as a nervous wreck. His tummy was all tied up in knots and left the poor boy unable to get comfortable. Since then, he has seen the vet, been diagnosed with demodex mange, giardia, and clostrium. He now has a medicine cabinet full of meds and soothing shampoos to get him feeling much better in no time.

Now that the storm has passed, Gallagher is coming out of his shell each day and showing off his puppy tendencies with vigor. He’s a happy, playful 27-pound bowling ball, bounding off in all directions to work out his energy. When he’s not scampering around with a vengeance, he’s exploring the toy box and making short work of his favorite chew toys. Gallagher has a sweet temperament and is making lots of friends wherever he goes.

With all the tummy and skin issues going on, Gallagher is working on settling into foster care. He’s sure to need a few tokens to help him with his health issues and would love to say thank you to all his admirers who click on the link to donate. He’ll blow you a kiss (or two) to show his gratitude!




What a little cutie Gallagher is!!! :) Elizabeth Underwood

Keri Peranich Wilson

Sharon Spratling