Date posted: 3/31/17
Location: Louisiana

What does FBRN's newest personality have in common with Morgan Freeman, Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Depp, and Angelina Jolie? She shares her name with these celebrities' astrological sign: Gemini! Gemini is a 7-year-old beauty who was surrendered when her incontinence issues became too overwhelming for her previous family.

After a trip to the vet, a UTI has been ruled out and a consistent schedule and some medications have been helping with her accidents. While the vet deemed Gemini pretty healthy overall, she does have two growths which will have to be removed. She's not letting that get in her way of snuggle time with her humans! She loves her young, two-legged foster sibling and slow intros with the resident canine are going well.

Gemini loves to go on walks or just be outside, basking in the sunlight. When she's not soaking up some sun, she'll be cuddling next to or on her foster mom's lap. And since Gemini hasn't been saving for her retirement, she would sure appreciate any contributions to her forever home fund. Click on her link to become a sponsor. She thanks you!




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