Date posted: 4/1/18
Location: PA

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful little Frenchie girl who belonged to a breeder. She was a good little Frenchie girl, but her breeder was not happy with her because after giving birth to a single surviving puppy, the little Frenchie girl failed to become pregnant again.

A nice lady swooped in and rescued the little Frenchie girl from the breeder, planning to fix her up and find her a good home. This nice lady discovered that the reason the little Frenchie girl had failed to produce more puppies was that her uterus was infected. Naturally, the nice lady had Giggles spayed, and her little body healed. Over the next few years, however, nobody stepped forward to adopt her, and she lived with the nice lady and her two dogs. When the lady found herself divorced, remarried, and moving into a neighborhood with a two-dog limit, it was crunch time. The lady decided that the best thing for Giggles would be to make her way to FBRN, where she could find a home that truly suited her.

Perhaps because of her unhappy start in life, at nearly 11 years old, Giggles is far from being the grande dame that one expects a mature Frenchie lady to be. She is painfully timid, is afraid of balloons, balls, hoses and moving feet, and she pancakes at any sudden movement. The poor, wee nugget spent the first few days in her foster home curled up in her bed. Now, thankfully, she is venturing forth a little more. When Foster Mom puts her on the sofa, she works her way to the far end to curl up by herself. She is used to being around other dogs (and cats and ferrets), so if one of the resident dogs happens to be in her spot, she placidly stands over him until he moves. Okay, maybe there's a trace of the grande dame that one expects a mature Frenchie lady to be.

Giggles appears to be in remarkably good health for a Frenchie of a certain age. She doesn't even appear to have any skin issues. Her breath, on the other hand... and we hate to say it, because she already has such low self esteem... Her breath will curl your hair.

Could you make a little deposit in Giggles' retirement fund? Perhaps add a little note of encouragement? She could use all the support she can get as she prepares for her happily-ever-after. Thank you!


Hey Giggles, Bessie totally understands how you felt with a bad breeder resulting in anxiety issues. You'll be just fine with your foster family and even better with your forever family. Here's a little help until you get settled. We love you ! Ollie & Bessie

Hope the coming years will be the best ever! Love, Dustin and Starbuck

For Giggles, from CeeCee

She reminds me of my sweet Lilly who we adopted through you. Good luck to giggles!!! Jan Potter-Sturgeon

Chin up baby girl, enjoy your cuddles!! Aubrie DeSylva

meridith williams

matthew horton

Giggles, you deserve so much. Keep your spirits up. Gordie & Colleen

Hi Giggles! This is to help you get some treats. Garret Myers