Date posted: 12/2/16

"Gigi! What miracle 'as made you the way you are?" Maurice Chevalier would fall just as hard for our 4-year-old Gigi as he did for young Leslie Caron! Look at her sweet face, dear ears, kind eyes!

Gigi was a breeder retiree adopted by a family who meant to take her home and make her life wonderful for the rest of her life. The best laid plans of loving families gang aft agley, if you'll forgive the mix of Scottish and French references, and Gigi has joined us in FBRN.

Her foster mom was instantly be-smote: "I went to get Gigi from her surrendering family on Friday and it was love at first sight! This little girl is the sweetest, most easygoing foster I believe I have ever had!" We know so far that her housebreaking is coming along, with only 2 accidents. She hates the cold (Say, Santa! Somebody needs a coat!) and refused to go out the one really chilly morning they had (resulting in one of the accidents); when it comes to baths, "no, thank you," is her standard response; and if there are children running around she wants to play!

Her health seems just so-so. Yeasty ears, a bacterial skin infection, possible vaginitis--she needs some great supplements and some really good foods and to get away from whatever she's allergic to. We've had her tested, and her spay is just around the corner.

She seems uninterested in the resident dogs and she's unaware that there is a kitty in the house, since kitty stays upstairs. In a little while, we may have more to report on her cat-attitude.  

Meanwhile, she seems unaware of the purpose of toys, though she will snatch up a blanket and run around with it flapping behind her. She's a good girl, and she's easily corrected. In other words, not the classic Frenchie female.

This sweetie-pie is going to make a family very happy. First, though, she needs to be spayed and to get her various fungal and bacterial infections straightened out so there can be that "overnight change" that Maurice was singing about. You can be on her team--just click on her photo and donate! Be sure to leave a little message of cheer for Gigi, and we'll see that she raises a glass of (non-alc) nog to you! Thank you!



Teresa Caudle

We <3 Gigi and hope she finds a loving family soon! Karen Piolatto

For whatever Gigi needs most. Chris Pezzola

Rachelle Arkin

Feel better Gigi! xo Mabel and Kingston

Get well soon! Hopefully we can play soon! - fr Dumpling

Patricia White

For beautiful Gigi. Grad Max now has a sister Gigi who was a breeder moms too. She is amazing like you so we had to send some treat money for such a good girl. Deborah Warren