Date posted: 4/29/19
Location: Florida

Welcome back, Gizmo! This sweet girl was adopted from our care previously, but was having trouble keeping a healthy weight in her new home. It was thought best for her to return to FBRN and concentrate on getting her good health back. So far, foster care agrees with Gizmo and she has already gained two full pounds!

Gizmo is partially paralyzed in the back end and incontinent, but does not contend with other health issues common to the Frenchie breed. She has a very sweet personality and is quite popular not only in her foster home, but with the whole neighborhood! Gizmo is looking forward to a great forever home in the future.

While Gizmo works on her nutrition needs and reestablishing herself as the princess of the neighborhood, she could use some funds to help her along the way. Please click on the link to donate and don’t forget to send some encouragement to Gizmo. She’s so well-mannered, we doubt she’ll forget to say thank you!