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Date posted: 2/29/20
Location: MI

In Mexican cuisine, a gordita is a pastry made with masa and stuffed with cheese, meat, or other delicious fillings. FBRN’s Gordita is just as delicious! Gordita can also mean “chubby” in Spanish, but we certainly wouldn’t call this gorgeous brindle girl chubby. She’s a spunky little ball of energy who is 4 years young and in great shape! Gordita was surrendered following a back injury, but she’s on the mend and settling nicely into the routine at her foster home.

Gordita loves to play with her stuffies, watch videos of squirrels and birds, or chase bubbles if a willing human will comply! She has also shown that she is a world class napper who won’t hesitate to snuggle under the blankets with her person. She loves meeting new people, and in her fervor to give kisses, she looks like she is attempting to head-butt everyone she meets! We’ll have more to report soon on how she interacts with other pets.

Gordita will have more veterinary exams, but she seems to have lost her wallet. If you’d like to sponsor gorgeous Gordita, please click the banner above. She would love to hear your encouraging words and maybe have enough in her piggy bank for an extra snack or two! In the meantime, Gordita will be enjoying her time in foster care and taking plenty of long, snore-filled naps.


For you, little Gordita, hopefully for a new toy! You're so precious! The De Lalla family, NJ

For Gordita - you little monkey!! Amanda Davis

eric trumpe

I would love a chance to adopt Gordita when she is available! Jennifer Cutter

Amy Kuba

Hope this helps Gordita! Christine Walsh

Jessica Zertuche

Andy Stratton

Gordita-I hope this gets you some extra treats! I'll be keeping an eye on your progress!! Janelle Morris

Rachel Kahn

BreAnne Cooper

Ellen Skala

Gordita! You're so cute! Hope this helps a little bit. Clare Kuhnen

Can’t wait to see your progress, Gordita! The Doll Source

From Brittani Mcdaniels. Hello baby girl. I hope you feel better soon.

Gordita, you could be my little boy Drago's baby sister, you look so much like him!! Will continue to check in on you!! Nancy Francisco

Chloe DeGrasse