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Date posted: 9/7/20

Brace yourself -- four-year-old Graham is making his FBRN debut, and we have it on good authority that this dog is absolutely delicious! According to his foster mom, Graham is the best snuggler ever, and has the softest, most velvety flews, which he presses gently against her cheek. This one is a heartbreaker!

Poor Graham recently found himself dumped at a shelter. It seems that his original owner gave him away to a person unknown, and that person left him in the lurch. His original owner was not interested in reclaiming him when contacted by the shelter.

The poor little guy took his abandonment hard, and was understandably confused and anxious when he arrived in his foster home. For the first few days, if foster mom walked out of the room and he couldn't follow, he barked and panted and couldn't settle. He even knocked down the baby gate a couple of times. At 30 pounds, he's got some muscle! Foster mom is pleased to report that as time has passed, his isolation anxiety has eased. He just needed time to adjust to his loss and to his new circumstances. Initially, there was some doubt as to whether Graham could be with other dogs, but his slow introduction to the resident female Frenchie is going smoothly so far!

Graham has a few potential health issues that we will be investigating. First of all, his hind legs aren't as strong as we would like, and his gait is a bit wonky. Secondly, the shelter vet saw a slight obstruction just inside his larynx when she placed his endotracheal tube during his neuter, but noted that it didn't seem to be causing him major problems. Finally, Graham is housetrained, but tends to leak urine when he is sleeping soundly, especially at night.

Our vet will be checking Graham out thoroughly. Unfortunately, he came to FBRN completely destitute, and could use some help paying his vet bills. If you would like to contribute to Graham's care, please click on the link, and send a little love his way. Thank you!


What a sweetheart! My female frenchie would love to meet you! She's been so sad and lonely since her bestie passed. Hang in there love! Can't wait to see you on the adoption page! Teresa Moore

Graham, you are such a sweetie and deserve the most loving forever home, buddy 3 -Meaghan & Munch

From Instagram pal @rosie_from_the_block

John Brosnan

Good luck Graham, feel & get better - Agnes :)

Michele Hart

A sweet sponsor for little Graham! Kandice Harshw

I'm happy sweet little Graham has come to you. He is so sweet and looks like my Remus. Best of luck Graham! Teresa Kneeland

Brandy Deahl

Best of luck finding an amazing new family who will love you right! Love from Tiffany, Gus, and Comet

Alicia Powell

Graham, you are a handsome man and we wish you the best of everything! We know you'll get the loving home you so deserve! Love, Lauren (human) & Dexter (frenchie)

Hi Graham, hope this helps a little in your care. Love, The Grover's

Here’s to new beginnings, Graham! Andrea Campi

Nirva Milord

Jacqueline Acker