Date posted: 2/24/18
Location: Maine

One of FBRN's newest additions, Grizzly, was surrendered after one of his elderly owners became ill. Though neither gray nor related to a brown bear, Grizzly does take a moment or two to warm up to new people, but once he does, be prepared for a little shadow! He seems to have skipped some proper socialization classes in his early years, but his foster family is catching him up on what he may have missed. 

One thing Grizzly has already aced is house training. He has not had one accident since entering his foster home! He is getting along with the resident two-legged children but seems to hate four-legged creatures. He will bark at any dogs, whether seen from inside the car or on TV. He is working on his leash manners (remember, he was never enrolled in Loose-leash Walking 101) as well as deciphering what is considered safe and appropriate to eat (kibble, yes; trash, no). 

Grizz came into foster care with some pretty bad sores in his ears and some awful doggy dandruff but no health insurance. So, if you would like to contribute to his health care fund, click on his picture to become a sponsor. Grizzly may not be from Yellowstone or the Yukon, but he sure would like you to follow his journey. His adorable puppy eyes thank you!


Grizzly, I hope you find your forever home as an only dog soon! Love, Fiona the Frenchie

Hello Grizzly..I know under that gruff attitude you are a cuddle bug. Get healthy! Larry Carnevale

Hey Griz, here's a little something to help with your foster care! It won’t be long before you find your forever home. We love you Ollie & Bessie

Hi Grizzly! You are the cutest grizzly bear I've ever seen! I hope your ears heal quickly & you're up & zooming around the house!  My FBRN adoptee Hugo crossed the Rainbow Bridge & his passing has left a big empty space in my life! Diana Chase