Date posted: 7/15/19
Location: Northern CA

Y'all give a big bonjour to our newest man at FBRN, Gumbo. This older gent is so scrumptious you could just eat him up! He's got a lovely cream coat and a tongue that seems to stick out slightly. Gumbo came to FBRN when he no longer fit into his family's lifestyle. This 12-year-old boy is mellow and laid back, a perfect fit for his foster home in Northern California.

As Gumbo settles into his new foster home, he is uninterested in the resident dogs. His hearing and eye sight seem to be slightly diminished, but not enough to phase this boy. Prior to coming into FBRN he hadn't seen the vet in some time. His intake exam took some blood, to hopefully shed some light on the two seizures that he's experienced in the evenings. He has poor teeth and bad breath. A marble-sized, soft mass that was found on his jaw was also biopsied at his vet appointment.

So far Gumbo has been loving his morning walks, car rides, and snacking at his foster home. This boy has been a companionable guy that his foster family is getting to know better. He's also having fun while in his foster home. Gumbo seems to agree with the Cajun saying "Laissez les bons temps rouler" or let the good times roll!

If you have a couple spare pennies laying around, Gumbo would appreciate a donation for his vet bills or some breath mints. All you need to do is click the link to donate.


Gumbo you’re in good hands.Annette Thornburgh

Kimberly Chambers

Brittany Junod

On behalf of our own senior Frenchie gal, also named Gumbo, for Gumbo in Nor Cal. Kisses. Hilary Jewhurst

For sweet Gumbo with love from Tashi, Boo & Theo