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Date posted: 9/29/20
Location: Indiana

Seeing the picture of Hasbrown is sure to have everyone letting out a giant aww or squee of joy. This almost 8-month-old boy is sure to be on everyone's date card when he goes available. Hashbrown has the most adorable face and beautiful fawn coat you've ever seen! He was surrendered to FBRN when his previous family realized they were not able to provide the time needed to properly care for him.

So far Hashbrown's foster family has determined that he loves walks and fetch with balls. They are working with him on his manners when it comes to jumping up on them and not showing so much excitement (humping) to the humans in the household. This boy still needs his initial vet visit to make sure he’s in tip-top shape, and he will also need to be neutered. Until then, Hashbrown will continue to settle into foster care and be super sweet and loving to his foster family. It’s noteworthy that he hasn't had as single accidents in his foster home. Amazing for such a youngster during a time of transition!

If you have some extra change sitting in the cup holder of your car, consider donating to Hashbrown for his vet visit and neuter, or even a fun new ball so he can keep working on his fetching skills! All you need to do is click on the link to sponsor him.


Helping Hashbrown with his transition! Jennifer Dillon

It's love at first sight! Arthur Steward

For beautiful, beautiful Hashbrown! Keep being a good boy. Michele Proyect

Hi Hashbrown! You are adorable and I would love to bring you home to TN. Keep me posted on when you will be available! Shelly Stern

Betsy Reeder

Hashbrown! My Frenchie (whose name is Tator Tot!) and I knew we just had to support our fellow potato! Hope you're settling in with your foster fam :) Kimberly Plue

Raymond Moore

Hashbrown I could eat you up. You are adorable. I hope you get a few treats with this. XOXO. Tara Bonino

Heather Deutsch

Hi Hashbrown, you are adorable! I hope this will help you to get on to the Adoption page quick so I can apply for your adoption :) Sending you love. Gunes O Tasci

Kayla Wagner

Hashbrown looks like a super sweet guy and we would definitely love to give him a place to call home when the opportunity arises! Donating some cash for any vet visits or much needed chuck-it balls! Ryan Kremkau

sandy gormley