Date posted: 12/30/18
Location: CA

Who doesn’t need some Holly this holiday season? This gorgeous gal came to FBRN with a recurrent prolapsed rectum (where part of the large intestine slips out of the anus). How is a gal supposed to enjoy the new year with a condition like that?

Thankfully, FBRN came to the rescue and, after two purse string procedures to temporarily keep that tissue in its proper place, a more permanent coloplexy surgery was completed and sweet Holly is like a brand new pup! She is following a special diet to help maintain the success of the surgery. She has also been slowly introduced to her furry canine foster siblings and loves to snuggle with them. She is a happy playful pup!

While finding a new family was on the top of Holly’s wish list, this surgery was a necessary first step. If you’d like to donate to Holly’s “leaving 2018 ‘behind,’” click on her picture and wish her the best in 2019! We'll all thank you for it!


Such a pretty girl. Good luck on you recovery. David Guy

Sweet Holly girl! Here’s some fun money for you. Get yourself some nice snuggly toys! Love The Cardoza’s

Justin Phillips

For beautiful Holly, I hope this helps a little in your recovery, you love your foster home & get better very soon. Shawna & Athena (my big girl furbaby)

Here's to a wonderful 2019, Holly! -Lola

Dear Holly, I hope you are feeling better. I love you. Cecelia Hunt

Towards Holly's surgery. Lora Matheney

Holly a little something to start the new year …. JC + Oscar

Here’s a little gift for Holly in CA. We sure do love your sweet face! The Adley’s in SoCal.

Beautiful's a lil' something for you as you recover from your surgery! Hope it keeps a smile on your sweet doggie face! Eduardo Nunez

For sweet Holly. Irina Weintraub