Date posted: 1/18/20
Location: CA

Houdini is not technically new--he was adopted from FBRN in 2017. Sadly, due to a difficult family situation, he is back with us for a second second chance.

Originally, he was found as a stray and lived in his previous home until December, 2019. He is in his senior years, but appears healthy--just dry skin and nose, which we are treating with a change in diet and some nose butter. This handsome brindle gent is slowly adjusting to his foster home. His foster family is giving him a safe, quiet environment until he finds a permanent home.

So far, he has been enjoying cuddling with blankets in his dog beds and sunbathing. He consistently uses the doggie door to access the backyard when he needs to, and he's crate-trained (no daring escapes!). He is not comfortable with bigger dogs, but he has been playing with dogs his size or smaller. As he decompresses from his life’s upheaval, Houdini is showing himself to be an easygoing, loving guy who can’t stop wagging his (longer than average) tail.

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