Date posted: 6/16/18
Location: NY

There’s no way to be sure, but just in case it happens, we’re giving you fair warning that you might turn green with envy for our newest foster, Hulk! At six years old and made of red fawn muscle, this boy is a ball of sweet goodness. Hulk was surrendered when children and jobs became too much to juggle along with Hulk’s maintenance needs.

Hulk has a fair number of health issues to conquer while in foster care. He underwent back surgery in 2015 and has been struggling to relearn house-training since. His back legs are very unstable. He can walk and even run, but awkwardly and often his legs will give out. Hulk also suffers from considerable allergies, which result in swollen areas on his skin and almost fully closed ears. Poor guy has a lot of TLC in his future, but he is already feeling a lot of relief from soothing baths and medications.

Clearly, Hulk would benefit greatly from FBRN fans donating to his health care, if you are able to do so. He’s such a happy, sweet boy and would love to hear some encouragement on his journey to his forever home. Hulk is working on his gratitude yodels to say thanks!


Jennifer Wysocki

In memory of our little Tuck who just passed..who looks just like Hulk. Hope you are able to make a quick and full recovery. Much love. Christina Carollo