Location : VA

Updated 5/7/18
Isla has been moved back to the foster page while we sort out her health issues. Please send good thoughts her way!


Beautiful Isla has had quite a journey. Found as a stray, picked up by a Good Samaritan, adopted from a shelter and then finally making her way into FBRN's care. After several months in foster care, we’re happy to report that Isla is ready to continue her journey to her forever home!

Isla has slight mobility problems but she doesn’t let that get her down! She is a happy girl who just wants to have a few toys to play with and a loving person to sit next to on the couch when she’s done with playtime.  Isla’s back legs work about 90% of the time. She can’t always control her bowel and bladder so she often wears the most stylish doggie diapers. Perhaps there is a special seamstress out there looking for a perfect doggie model.

Isla has allergies to cats, human epithelia and storage mites. This means no kitties in her forever home and no sleeping in the human bed. It is also important that Isla remain on a raw diet to keep her allergies under control so that she can maintain her beautiful, silky coat.

Small children might be too much for Isla if they are not careful. A more responsible and dog savvy youngster would be okay. She has a more dominant personality and she can be snarky with other dogs, so we are asking for Isla to be an only pup. 

Isla enjoys short walks and she likes to run as best as she can in the back yard. She sleeps in her crate at night without a diaper. During the day she wears her diaper and since she is not destructive she can be left out of her crate. Her absolute favorite activity is snuggling with her people on the couch and she seems to enjoy all toys that are presented to her!

We think Isla would really thrive with a family who made sure consistent physical therapy was a priority. She is currently undergoing bi-weekly acupuncture, and is starting water-therapy. Her muscle tone has greatly improved in her back leg. Potential adopters should be willing to continue these therapies with her. Isla would enjoy living with a single person, a couple, or a family with older children. We prefer that Isla’s forever home be familiar with Frenchies and also with special needs dogs.

Isla would thrive in a home with a fenced yard. She loves to run in the grassy fenced area at her foster home and this helps her gain strength in her back legs. We’d love to see Isla easily walking and running and possibly even living a life without doggie diapers one day!

In foster care, Isla spends a few hours a day alone at home. Obviously, Isla would love a stay-at-home person, but she’s doing well now with a long mid-day break. An office where new dogs are often introduced wouldn’t be great, but Isla is a total charmer when meeting new people and would make a fabulous office companion for a people-only office.

Here is what Isla’s foster mom has to say about her, “
Isla just wants to play!  Her version of playing is to nibble the ankles - because that's all she can reach!  She is a true ankle-biter!  She loves snuggling on the couch in a human lap.

If you think your life could use a little Isla, please apply for her today. Let us know why you’d be a great match for this sweet snuggle-bug and then get ready for a trip to the Lone Star State!

FBRN dogs are in foster care in people's private homes. For the foster families' safety, we do not disclose specific locations, and we don't set up meet and greets prior to applications. For detailed information about the dogs in our care, please read the extensive bios on each dog.

FBRN does not ship dogs as cargo, so adopters are expected to pick up their dog from their foster family.


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