Date posted: 4/30/17
Location: CA

Iverson found his way to FBRN through another rescue, SPOT (Saving Pets One at a Time), and we’d like to send a big THANKS to all involved. SPOT reached out to FBRN hoping that Iverson’s special needs would be better addressed in a breed specific rescue, and we’re thrilled to help.

Iverson appears to have paralysis in both of his back legs and his underside doesn’t look so pretty from dragging himself around. He is 5 years old and not neutered and he is a handsome guy with a wonderful temperament!

Foster mom reports that Iverson will “sort of stand” if supported and seems to have feeling in his back legs. He seems to have a certain amount of control over bladder/bowels and this could certainly improve as he settles into the schedule and rhythm of his foster home.

Iverson is loving and friendly with people. We’re hoping he may regain more mobility through physical therapies or acupuncture. Many treatment options will be explored and we’d all love to see Iverson regain use of his legs, but further evaluation and time will tell.

In the meantime, Iverson can get around in his scootie sack or on an old set of wheels that SPOT graciously donated. We doubt he’ll want to get around too much since his devoted foster mom has already discovered that Iverson loves rides in the stroller!

If you are able, please consider donating to sweet Iverson by clicking on the banner above and becoming a sponsor. Iverson has had a rough start but we think he’s as excited as we are about his future!



Teresa Caudle

Please divide this donation among Alfalfa, Iverson, Gizmo and Romply. We hope this helps these adorable little frogs with medical needs or some new toys. Sending lots of love to you cuties! J&K

This is for Iverson in CA. to help with his PT & acupuncture. I hope he feels better soon! Sending lots of love to your foster parents. From Ana Caro

Sending lots of love from Rin & Crew!