Date posted: 2/9/20
Location: NY

We’ve got a charmer on our hands! Welcome 19-month-old Jackson! Jackson came to us after his owner passed away and a friend took him in. Sadly, the friend came to realize they didn’t have enough time for a young, energetic pup such as him. Jackson certainly has a lot of personality and will make a forever family very happy when the time comes.

Jackson has charmed his way through introductions at his foster home. If he could spend all his days playing with other pups, chewing on toys, and going on walks, he’d be in paradise. To Jackson, even eating breakfast is a waste of time when there are toys to be attacked! He checked a lot of the health boxes at the vet, but did come back with a giardia diagnosis and is receiving meds. Meds, shmeds….there’s so much to do and so little time in a day to get to all the toys and new play buddies!

Jackson is 30 pounds of cuteness working on puppy manners in foster care. Housetraining, proper leash walking, playing well with buddies (human and fur alike) make his days full and satisfying. He would greatly appreciate some coin in his bank to help get him ready for his forever family. Please click on the link to donate and let adorable Jackson know you are thinking of him! Thank you!


Marianne Strobel

From your neighbors in Montana! We hope you feel better soon and come up for adoption. Lindy Hockenbary