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Date posted: 9/13/20

Give a warm welcome to 3-year-old cream puff Jager! This little 17 pound cutie pie is as sweet as can be! When he isn't begging for belly rubs, snuggles, or giving out Frenchie kisses, he is looking for food. This guy LOVES to eat! His foster mom also tells us that he makes lots of adorable Frenchie noises while he follows her around the house all day and that he is a huge Taylor Swift fan. He really gets into shaking things off...all of his limbs leave the floor when he decides to do a full body shake!

After shaking it off, Jager has been known to get in some good stretching and yoga as well. Once he is done dancing and stretching it all out, he is happy to be his foster family's alarm dog. He will let you know if anyone is at the door or if there are any odd noises coming from the yard. No need to invest in Brinx with this guy at home!

We think that Jager will be heading to the available page really soon. If you would like to sponsor this cream puff and help him on his way, just click on the link next to his adorable mug shot. He sends you all lots of love and Frenchie kisses too!


This is just a little something more for you Jager. In memory Of my sweet boy Louie. You remind me so much of him. I’m going to watch for your adoption day sweet boy. I hope & pray our paths will cross. tara bonino

Jager you are a very handsome little man. I hope you enjoy a little something special with this. XO Tara Bonino

ashley harrold

Jager, we hope you find your forever family soon. You’ll bring lots of love to any family and they’ll adore you in return. Maria Dunn