Date posted: 9/8/17
Location: Louisiana

The handsomest little man you ever did see recently found his way into the FBRN family. Pauve ti bete (poor little thing, for non-Cajun speakers), newly-christened Jimbeaux was surrendered not for lack of want, but because his elderly owner could no longer keep up with his necessary care. Allons, Jimbeaux, we’re on the lookout for your forever family!

Jimbeaux is somewhere in the neighborhood of three to four years old and just has the sweetest face. He brought his suitcase of all his worldly possessions, which unfortunately included a family of fleas that he had befriended. He didn’t protest too much when he had to say au revoir to the pests and his skin is surely breathing a sigh of relief. At his vet visit, where he set the ladies swooning, he received meds to treat an ear infection and is happy to report, he’s well on his way to good health.

Like the puppy that he still thinks he is, Jimbeaux loves to be active and play with all the available toys, but he struggles to breathe when he really gets going. He’ll likely be a wonderful candidate for some work on his palate and nares. No doubt, he’ll really be zooming around the yard then! Jimbeaux is also a classic marker but is already enrolled in Frenchie life class where those habits will be re-trained.

Jimbeaux is a super sweet lovebug and can’t seem to get enough snuggles in the day. We are really excited to see all of his fun personality come out as some of the issues previously mentioned are ironed out. In the meantime, can you spare a few dollars to help set Jimbeaux to rights? Don’t forget a word of encouragement for Jimbeaux. We think he’s saving his Mardi Gras costume for just the right photo op to say thank you to his supporters!






For handsome Jimbeaux! From Sally Musallam & family

Sweet Jimbeaux, I hope you find relief soon and this helps give you some comfort. TABITHA SOLOMON

Justin Rhodes

Hope you find your furever home soon. Hugs & kisses, Shelby and Henley

Treats for you buddy from Gus and Hank

Jimbeaux. Yous a charmer as we say in the south. Here's to a forever home in your near future!!! Sally Davis

Love Jimbeaux! Suzanne Moore

JIMBEAUX, from a fellow Louisianian we hope you get feeling good soon! we hope to meet you!!!!! anil ozkeser