Date posted: 1/18/20
Location: IN

Oh, my goodness! A puppy! A healthy and happy young puppy, at that! We are holding onto our hats, and those of us who don't have hats are running out to get one!

Jobea is a typical pup. Energetic, enthusiastic, exhausting. Also snoogle-some, affectionate, and mischievous. However, though she is still a puppy and studies have shown that puppies raised with cats are likely to do well with them, she was surrendered because she found the resident cats *FAR* too interesting, if you take our meaning. Her family feared she might stop finding them an endless source of entertainment and start finding them a potential prey. Can Frenchies really hurt a cat? We are sorry to say, yes, they can. Rarely, a Frenchie with a very strong prey drive has been known to kill a cat, particularly cats who have grown up safely with dogs and who don't fear them. It's tragic when it happens, and it's best to err on the side of caution, as this responsible owner did in rehoming her adorable girl.

Jobea's potty training is coming along. While she has had no piddle accidents in the house, she does seem to think the back hallway is a perfect spot for a sneaky poop. Foster mom hasn't had a puppy in awhile, but potty training is like riding a bike--you soon remember what works. Reports are that after some naughty hallway sneaks, Jobea has started to catch on to pooping outdoors.

We know that we'll get more reports on Jobea. If you'd like to provide her with a toy or bag of treats, feel free to click on her photo and donate. We can't guarantee that she'll sit down and write a thank you note (you know how kids are these days), but we at FBRN will be very grateful.


What a cutie pie! Stephanie Kewin

Hope this helps with toys and treats for Jobea can't wait to see you on the Available page. Hugs and puppy Kisses from Danette, Rob and Bear

You are adorable! We are sooooo missing our 15 year old Frenchie girl who just went to the Rainbow Bridge. Enjoy the snuggles with your foster fam! Courtney Jolin

What a sweet little girl! Hope this helps get you a warm sweater for the winter! Looking forward to hearing more about you, Jobea! The DeLalla family, NJ

good luck on the family hunt Jobea! Hope you find a good forever home! Chris & Kristina B

All our love- Nicole and Fiona the Frenchie :)