Jovie and McQueen
Date posted: 1/6/19
Location: TN



What’s better than one Frenchie? That’s right, TWO Frenchies!! Jovie and McQueen are a bonded pair of 3-year-old love bugs who were surrendered after their former owner could no longer afford their care.

Jovie (not of Bon Jon fame) is the gorgeous, delightful and spunky brindle female. She LOVES people and would bare her belly 24/7 if someone is there to give it a good rub. While Jovie does fine with McQueen, she can be choosy about her dog friends and really prefers human attention. Prior to surrender, Jovie had a couple surgeries. One was for cherry eye in both eyes. One eye surgery worked and one cherry eye came back, so that will be addressed while in foster care. Another surgery was to correct a prolapsed rectum.

McQueen (more-so of the “King of cool” Steve rather than Cars or fashion) is the hunky, lovable and super sweet fawn with blue mask male. He has never met a human, young or old, or a dog he didn’t like. He tries to get Jovie to play with him but when that proves unsuccessful, he finds a lap upon which to snuggle. He is quite treat motivated and will definitely kiss on the first date.

Both pups are having to hone their house-breaking skills while in foster care. Improvements are slow but steady. Otherwise, they are adorable well-behaved thieves of productivity (I mean, who would be able to accomplish much with this amount of cuteness around?).

Why not start out the new year with a donation to their care? Any amount will help toward Jovie’s cherry eye surgery. Click on their link and become a sponsor. McQueen and Jovie would love to hear from their fans and supporters! Thank you!


Good luck you beautiful little munchkins! Lynn Jacobson

For Jovie & McQueen! When I saw the name, I thought “we need him!” Here’s to helping out some cute Frenchies and sharing an awesome name! I’ll be applying for that sweet boy when he is available! :) Love the McQueen Family Chesapeake, VA

A little donation for Jovie and McQueen. We had 2 Frenchies in the past. ,Zoe who lived to age 13. And Casey who was a rescue dog who lived until age 7. Hope jovies surgeries go welll. Melissa Withers