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Date posted: 4/7/19
Location: FL

Newest foster, Juggernaut, has already amassed a collection of nicknames in a short amount of time. Jugger, Jughead, or even Juggie, seem to suit him just fine! He’s a five-year-old pied who is…ahem…a juggernaut of a boy weighing in at 36 pounds. His owner made the very difficult decision to surrender him due to his extensive allergies. You see, sometimes allergies are fierce with these guys and they need expensive care to give them relief. We’re prepped and ready to fight this battle for Juggernaut so he can find his forever home.

Juggernaut has a number of fine qualities to make up for his incredibly itchy skin (which he reminds you he can’t help!). He’s housebroken, rarely barks, gets along well with other dogs, and is very gentle with his foster siblings. He’s been pretty spoiled in the food department, preferring to chow down on human food rather than dog food. The right diet will help his allergies, so he has to get used to it! But, at the end of the day, he’s just a good ‘ol lover of a boy.

It’s clear that Juggernaut will be spending some time at the vet and testing out different allergy remedies, so he’ll need some help with his bills. Please click on the link to help sweet Juggie out and tell him what a good boy he is!


pieds rule bro" Love, Ralphie (and Debra)