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Date posted: 8/9/20
Location: VA

Let's give a warm welcome to FBRN's newest foster, Justice! This 5-year-old heartthrob hails from the Bronx and is now enjoying the good life in Virginia.

Justice was surrendered when his previous owners realized they no longer had the time or financial resources to give him the care he needed. Justice developed severe allergies which have gone untreated and left him practically bald. After a back injury and successful surgery several years ago, Justice injured his back a second time leaving him partially paralyzed. In spite of it all Justice has decided to be impressively happy and be a poster dog proving that “All you need is love”.

Justice has settled into foster care very well. He is enjoying his medicated baths and he has a huge interest in food! He makes all kinds of pitiful Frenchie noises when he knows it's time to eat! Despite having a huge lack of TLC, Justice has the most loving and sweetest temperament. He loves being held and will soak up any and all attention given. Justice also shows an interest in the outdoors. He loves being out on the terrace at sunset and he enjoys walks in his stroller with foster mom.

While Justice is getting a taste of the good life, his foster family is hoping to get Justice into physical therapy so that he might regain strength and muscle. If you happen to have any spare change for Justice that could help him on his road to recovery, please consider donating to his cause!


Donation for Justice I hope he gets better soon. He’s definitely a cutie and I’m good hands. Thanks for taking care and sharing with us his story. Alma Olivares

For Justice! Hope you feel better soon! XOXOXO Mary Hendrickson

For our newest rescue, Justice. Here is to health and happiness. Patrisha OConnell

Michael Fenswick

Justice, We are praying for you to recover and hope these monies will help. Paws Crossed. Hugs, Yoda

Bettina Ho

Megan McClellan

Victoria Chester Rose

Best of luck to Justice and all the Frenchie babies! CESAR GARCIA

Good Luck Justice!!! Susan Evans

All our love to Justice xx Callum O'Connor

For Justice. Feel better buddy!! tori bailey

Justice, get better soon! sending love from Gimo family. :)

For sweet Justice. Feel better soon, dude! - Wally the Frenchie

George Andrews

Robin Parker

i don't have much right now but hopefully this can help a little bit too assist with precious Justice and help to get him better. thank you for doing the lord work with all these precious babies! Lauren Rollins

For Justice!! Feel better soon baby! Dana Williams

Please put this towards Justice's medical bills & give him a cuddle. Robin Nourigat

Get better little one. Elaine Strickland

Praying you feel better Justice. Susanne Grove

Justice, hang in there. Praying for you. Jana Kosmider

For poor little Justice. Francesca Vanderwall

Justice feel better.Laurie Zankel

Hugs and kisses to Justice and all the other babies. Amie Ferris

Stacy Pucciarelli

Willow Neely

Justice! Feel better. . .Jennifer Salazar

Sophie Smerdon

For Justice! Love, Liz and Mick (FBRN grad Waffles)

This is for Justice. You are safe now and will be well again soon thanks to some very good people. Dorothy Mace

In honor of Justice and pups like him. Guelay Ekin

for the loving care of "Justice". Jennifer Phung

Praying for sweet baby Justice. Christine Stewart

For Sweet Justice! Teri Sturgeon

For Justice, he just touched my heart.   He is a special little man, you can just tell!  Bethany Avina

Stay strong Justice ! RoseGoldHoney

For Justice with love from Tashi, Boo & Theo

Dear Justice you melted our hearts! Your Foster Mom is going to help you blossom and we will be watching and admiring your transformation. With much love from Andre, Yunna, Gerda (2015 FBRN Grad), and Freddy

Lisa Doyle

Keep making strides sweet little Justice! Mikayla Shorrock

John Schmertz

Debbie Porreca

Justice, we are rooting for you! (Also big thanks to FBRN for your health info online on Frenchies. It helped me identify a mass cell tumor on my sweet girl! She is now recovering well. ) @jolene_thefrenchie