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Date posted: 3/8/20
Location: TX

Karen is here! This sweet girl has arrived in the FBRN family and we’re so happy to welcome her.

Karen was sadly surrendered when her previous family realized they simply didn’t have the time needed to devote to this lovely, 1.5-year-old girl.

Karen took her time warming up to her foster family, but patience is the key. Initially, she would approach for pets but dash off if they tried to pet her. After several hours, Karen settled in and has been snuggling and being a Velcro dog since. Who can blame her? Transitioning to a strange place can take time.

She’ll be introduced to her foster Frenchie brother slowly. He’ll show her the ropes and teach her to play and be a Frenchie.

Karen appears to be in good health, although she does have a sore spot on her face. Because Karen has only been with her foster family a couple of days, she hasn’t had her intake exam yet. We all know that those can be costly. To sponsor Karen, just click on her picture. She would be so grateful and it would help so very much!


For Karen-You look so sweet and adorable. As soon as you're available I will put in an application for you. I have a piece of empty velcro on my hip for you to attach to. Fur Kidz

Jennifer Janssen