Date posted: 3/3/19
Location: KY

Now we all know Frenchies have the most adorable smooshy faces but Kendra, FBRN's newest 6-year-old beauty, might just have them all beat. It's so smooshy! She was surrendered by her family who realized they had too much on their plate to properly care for her. She reportedly had some resource guarding issues with her former fur sibling and is definitely not a fan of rhinotillexis, as she had an incident with a small child when he stuck his finger up her nose.

The good news is Kendra can now be matched with a perfect family. She is settling into her foster home and intros with the foster fur sibling are going slow as neither seem too excited about the other yet. Foster mom does tell us that Kendra has the softest fur she has ever felt on a Frenchie. If you would like to show your support for anti-rhinotillexis, click on the link to sponsor Kendra as she starts her journey to a brand new family! It's not cheap to maintain such a gorgeous coat! She thanks you with squeeshy-face kisses!


Kendra, Hopefully your future is full of kisses on your cute nose instead of fingers inside it :) Sending love from Colorado! Sam & Sarah AKA Squishy-Face Fanatics