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Date posted: 10/25/20
Location: Texas

Kilo002.jpg Kilo001.jpg

Here comes Kilo! This sweet four-year-old made his way to French Bulldog Rescue Network after his previous family was unable to provide the care that he needed. He suffers from chronic allergies as per his previous family so likely some allergy testing will be in his future!

This cute little cream puff arrived in foster care with a yeast infection all over the bottom half of his coat and patchy areas of hair loss. He is very itchy and can hardly contain himself when getting petted! Kilo has already shown his sweet lover boy side and loves rolling over for belly rubs and curling up in his new fluffy bed! So far, we’ve seen that Kilo enjoys the company of other dogs, likes toys, and even sits well for treats!

Unfortunately, Kilo seems to have neurological issues, exhibiting fly biting and occasionally ataxia. A team of professionals will get this boy all checked out as he adjusts to his foster home. Kilo is such a ball of energy and happiness, that he has no idea anything is wrong with him. He also has what is known as cryptorchidism, meaning one or more of his testicles has not descended. Kilo has not been fixed, but that's also on the list of things to do before he can start searching for his forever home. It's been a few years since Kilo has been to see a veterinarian, so there is some catching up to do.

To sponsor this handsome little fellow, please click the link next to his photo and tell us it’s for Kilo. This poor boy arrived with an empty piggy bank and would appreciate some help with his vet bills, and maybe even a few treats to help ring in the New Year!



For Kilo. Lori Gruber 

Colleen Susan Gardner

May you find comfort, healing and the forever family that you deserve Kilo! Sending love, prayers and belly rubs from the Flores family in FL!

In memory of Henri' and from Turbeau

Sponsor gift for Chula & Kilo. Wishing for positive outcomes with the vet visits.  Michanne Hoctor

For Kilo. . In memory of my best friend, my Frenchie Don Julio. Alison Irish

Adrienne Mitchell

Laura Cronin

This is for Kilo! Sending our love from Texas! Melanie Johnson

Sponsor gift for Chula & Kilo. Wishing for positive outcomes with the vet visits. Michanne Hoctor