Date posted: 2/26/19
Location: Ohio

Please give a warm welcome the sweetest little pied beauty to join FBRN! Her name is Kipsie and she is 14 months old and full of energy. She was sadly surrendered by her previous owners when they felt they couldn’t effectively manage the medical conditions of both their newborn child and Kipsie. We’re so happy they contacted us; FBRN is committed to resolving Kipsie’s health problems and helping her find the perfect forever home.

Kipsie’s previous owners indicated that she urinated frequently and their vet believed it was due to diabetes insipidus. Her foster mom confirmed that she urinates much too often (outside like a good girl) and that she is a tad underweight. Kipsie has already had her first vet visit while in FBRN care and we’re happy to report that she does NOT have diabetes insipidus. We’re anxiously awaiting more test results so that we can get to the bottom of the issue (and hoping it is something as simple to treat as a UTI). Kipsie is taking medication to get rid of some pesky whipworms and once her health is stabilized, she will need to be spayed.

Being so young, Kipsie is full of energy! Perhaps you’d like to send her a new Nylabone or some toys to keep her occupied. She could also use a few coins in her piggy bank to cover upcoming vet expenses. Any amount helps and Kipsie will appreciate the love! If you’d like to become her sponsor, just click on the banner above. Thank you!


Kelly Blythin

I hope this helps you out Kipsie. I’ll be following your story and hopefully your able to be adopted soon. Allison Duquette

Kipsie is breaking my heart, this little one is a twin to my 7 year old Frenchie who is the love of my life. If I could adopt Kipsie I would, but someone in my household is a tad spoiled and not up for brothers or sisters. I hope Kipsie finds a wonderful home and loving caring parents, in the meantime I hope this small gift will provide a small ray of sunshine while waiting for her forever home. Cathy and spoiled and much loved Frenchie, Max Max.

This is for Kipsie, she is a cutie! Bruce Brandon