Date posted: 12/30/18
Location: AK

They say that everything grows bigger in Alaska, and that's the case with the newest Frenchie in town. Kvichak is a 5-year-old, black brindle, male Frenchie. He currently weights 32 lbs, which is a bit underweight for him. When he stands on his hind legs, he could be mistaken for a small bear cub. He came to FBRN after being taken to the local shelter and surrendered for medical issues.

Kvichak is the sweetest man you'll ever meet. He's courteous, loves to give kisses, and is housebroken. He tries to avoid any conflict that might arise and tries hard to keep away from being underfoot. He will have a vet visit in his future to check out his ears, which look like they could use some help. He has a small bald spot from his previous collar, which was on a little tight. Hopefully everything else checks out A-OK with this guy.

While Kvichak is waiting for his vet visit, perhaps you could donate some spare change for a blanket, a toy for him to settle in with, or even some change on his vet bill. All that you have to do is click on the link to sponsor him. Thank you!


Hope this helps a little bit!! Lots of frenchie hugs and kisses from your friends in Fairbanks!! xoxo Scott Macke

Hope your ears start feeling better soon! Stacey Englund

Paisley Stout

A little something to make Kvichak feel better. Alison Owens

Tiffany Derenzy