Date posted: 11/24/19
Location: GA

Let’s give a warm welcome to Lady. This girl was surrendered to FBRN when her previous home had a medical condition that made it difficult to provide her the care that she needed. Prior to that Lady had been at a commercial breeding facility.

When she got to FBRN, Lady had a rough first vet visit. She currently has a bilateral ear infection, bacterial skin infection, eye ulcers, and a UTI. She also has excessive hair loss on her back side and what the vet says is tail spinal deformity. Lady’s back legs are weak and she is underweight.

Despite all that, she loves to be next to her humans and doesn’t want to leave their side. Lady uses her vision more than her hearing. Lady loves to be petted from the front so that she isn't startled with a pet from behind. Her hearing loss could be from the ear infections or she might be slightly deaf. She doesn’t mind her Frenchie foster sibling and isn’t interested in chewing bones.

If you have a few extra pennies to spare for lady’s medical condition, please consider donating to Lady for the cost of medical care. All you need to do is click on the link to sponsor Lady!