Date posted: 12/29/19
Location: CA

Let's give a loving welcome to our newest girl Lilac. Lilac was surrendered by her previous owners. She was being kept separate from humans in a spot in the garage. In spite of not getting much human attention or care for the better part of her life, Lilac still loves people, belly rubs, and is sweet as pie. She will be 7 this coming February and has some very unique markings.

Lilac will be visiting the vet in the near future to determine if she has been spayed and have her ears looked at. Hopefully there will be some relief in sight for the bad shape that her ears are in. Lilac also looks forward to meeting her foster Frenchie siblings in the future, but for now it's slow introductions.

If you have an extra dollar or two to spare, please consider donating it to Lilac in order to help with her medical expenses. All you need to do is click the link to sponsor her. Thank you!


Dear Lilac, I wish you weren't a country away so I could hug you. You're in good hands now. You'll be better in the new year. Dorothy Mace

For sweet Lilac with love from Tashi, Boo & Theo

Margaret Burditt

Phil Toronto

This is for Lilac. Gerald Boothe

For Lilac, I hope you settle in quickly, beautiful girl! Jennifer Dusel

Lilac—every dog deserves to be loved! Here’s to getting you healthy so you can find the home where you will be treated like the queen you truly are!!! Wendy Zimmer

Anderson Trading

Precious dog. Heartbreaking. l H Design

How could you have been left in a garage? You’re loved now. Valerie Shea

Lilac, enjoy your beautiful new life! You're going to feel so much better soon. Sarah Nestle

Praying for sweet Lilac! Stephanie Kinsman

Hope you’re feeling the love pretty girl. Love the Grubergs

Nightbark Music

cesar munguia

John Schmertz

A little something for Lilac, love your friends at Bad Tags

Glad you're getting lots of love now, Lilac! xoxo, Jessica

To Lilac, happy birthday sweet girl!! Get a toy or some treats to celebrate!! Sorry you had such a rocky start to life but you are in great hands now! Your remaining years will be filled with lots of love and joy! Cassie & Frenchie- Mason the Tator Tot

For you on your birthday sweet girl. Marshal Franklin