Date posted: 4/8/17
Location: New Jersey

Do not adjust your monitor—our newest foster really is that cute. Just take a deep breath, try to control your squealing, and give a warm welcome to teeny, creamy, adorable Louella!

Louella is six months old and was purchased from a pet store. Her new owner thought she was delightful, but the landlord disagreed, so here we are. We at FBRN definitely lean toward “delightful” when describing Louella, along with “cuddly,” “huggable,” “smooshy,” and any number of unintelligible noises that one emits when confronted with puppy ears and puppy paws and puppy breath.

Foster mom reports that Louella was shy at first, but is quickly coming out of her shell and proving to be a cuddlebug of the highest order. She’s actually pretty mellow as puppies go, enjoying her playtime and snuggle-time in equal quantities. Louella has a long way to go before we could call her housebroken or crate-trained, but foster mom reports that she is a super smart girl who is learning quickly and will be a master of obedience in no time at all!

Louella seems to be in good health, but like all of our fosters, she will receive a comprehensive intake exam to ensure that she’s as good on the inside as she is on the outside. If you’d like to contribute to the cost of her vet care (and perhaps a treat or toy or two), just click on the donation link above and tell us it’s for Louella. Merci de votre soutien!



Teresa Caudle

Marie Burris

Louella! You are adorable, and I will be watching to see when you are ready to be adopted! Eileen Whyte

For Louella to enjoy some treats, toys, and maybe some carpet cleaner! Can't wait for you to come into the available page :) Stephanie Cicalese

Dear Louella - Good luck to you - you have a lot of fun adventures ahead of you! xoxo Juli Pember & Coco the Frenchie

Louella..enjoy your new toys! Angela Parker

Welcome to the world my sweet Louella ! Focus on health, safety and FUN FUN FUN !! Marianne Gammache

Louella you are truly "Bella!" Angelina Fernandez

I really love Louella. Milagros Beaudoin

For Louella. Nicole Costa

Please put twards Louella's care! Marlana Barkow

For Louella. Some treats to get you on the way. Gary Seto

Louella you are adorable! We are sending you love from Charleston! Shannon and Ava Grayson

This donation is to help with Louella's medical bills and maybe buy her a toy! Emerald Moon

Louella! Autumn Kirk

For Louella. Vicki Chapman

Brittany Nelson

Christine Burton

For beautiful and sweet Louella. I hope you find a loving home. Alicia Alessio

I love you, Louella!  :) Kate Zarambo

Meggan Jackson

Hope this gets you a sweet treat or fun chew toy! lindsey lehner

Justin Doles

Louella what a sweet face!! She looks just like my boy Benny. Courtney Porter

Hi sweetie! -Carlie Renaud

Dusty Mcdonald

To Louella! We live in NJ too! Hope this helps for some toys and treats! My 10 year old son Carter says Hi!! Amy Orlandini

Hoping you are happy and healthy!! Shannon Daniel

For sweet little Louella! :) -Alicca Vigneri 

Sweet Louella! Hope this provides many toys and treats as well as helps with your vet visit. Can't wait to see your sweet face on the available page soon!!! Stephanie

For sweet Louella :) Carleigh Crowley

Sarah Fuger

For sweet baby Luella!Viara Kostova

For Louella - Our family loves you! We hope this helps you enjoy some treats, toys, and anything needed to keep you healthy until you are ready! xo Erin Joyce