Date posted: 6/10/18
Location: NYC

Let's give a standing ovation for Ludwig's encore performance onto the foster page. Ludwig initially entered the FBRN family 3 years ago as a young pup. Recently, he was tearfully surrendered back to FBRN by his adoptive family, now with a young child, due to his resource guarding (not sharing his toys or your toys, which he thinks are his toys). But he has a second chance at a perfect finale!

Ludwig absolutely loves people! Well, let's qualify that with all people who aren't in a vet's office trying to poke and prod him. Ludwig made a recent trip to the vet that wasn't as productive as foster mom would have liked, but he seems to be quite healthy: glorious coat, clean ears, decent breath, and a good appetite. They will try another vet visit after some decompression time.

Ludwig absolutely loves other dogs! Um, okay another small qualification: all dogs he meets off leash, like his previous and current canine foster siblings. The leash seems to agitate little Ludwig and bring out his inner beast, snarling and barking at other dogs. Get him off that leash though and he is very playful. He's an energizer bunny who has a big personality in a little package. Click on this cutie's link to sponsor Ludwig and follow his symphony to see how it plays out. Thank you!


Noel Arculli

May not be much but hopefully put some glitter back in your eyes! Sunni Dowds

Hugs to you, Ludwig! Mike Floyd