Date posted: 10/6/19
Location: NM

Qu’elle est belle, cette Lulabelle! Cute as a button and sweet as a pumpkin spice latte, our newest Frenchie princess is sure to put a smile on your face and a skip in your step.

Lulabelle was sadly surrendered by a family who couldn't get her allergies under control. Lots of Frenchies have allergies, but Lulabelle’s got ‘em baaaad, and they seem to be caused by both food and environmental conditions. Fortunately, this isn’t our first rodeo when it comes to Frenchie itchies, so we’re confident that with proper testing and treatment, we can get darling Lulabelle feeling much more comfortable in her skin.

So far, Lulabelle has demonstrated that she loves baths, hates taking medicine (although you can sneak it in her food when she’s not looking, shhh), and is an all-around absolute delight. Her house- and crate-training, and general manners are still a work in progress (she can’t resist jumping on ALL the things), but she’s super smart and very food motivated, so we expect she’ll have it all down pat before long. So far, she’s been friendly to everyone she’s met, whether human or canine, and has shown only calm interest in the resident kitties. And foster mom reports that Lulabelle is the ideal napping companion—she snuggles and snores but doesn’t try to push you out of the bed. Rapture!

We know Lulabelle is going to make some lucky adopter very, very happy, but before we can go down that path, we need to get her allergies fully under control. And that’s expensive! So if you have a dollar or ten to spare and want to help get Lulabelle in tip top tickety-boo shape, please consider becoming her sponsor. Just click on her photo! She will be sure to extend a dainty paw in thanks!


This is to sponsor Lulabelle, Tiara, Marlow & Letty With Love from Tashi, Boo & Theo

Get well beautiful! Love Mookie

Here's a little something to help the adorable Lulabelle get the help she needs for her allergy issues. William Van der Busch

elysse ciccone

Lulabelle. . . . you are the sweetest lil girl! Marnie Havenor

Lulabelle! Your sweet head tilt! Your leetle teefs! I hope your itchies go away, sweet girl. Alicia Cervini