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Date posted: 2/2/20
Location: PA

Give a friendly welcome to FBRN’s latest foster, Lyra. This sweet little Frenchie came into FBRN’s care just in time for her to get some much needed medical attention. While it’s not clear the circumstances of her former life, Lyra is putting that behind her and focusing on getting healthy!

Little does not begin to describe the size of this girl. Lyra is 13 months old, weighing in at only 9.7lbs! When she arrived into FBRN’s care, Lyra was in a shock-like state, dehydrated, pale, and in a good deal of pain. She had a prolapsed rectum and severe bloody diarrhea. One of our awesome volunteers spent an afternoon with Lyra at both a regular vet and specialty vet where they were able to reduce the prolapse and place a pursestring suture.

After a little more time with the specialist, Lyra was diagnosed with “Frenchie colitis,” essentially an overgrowth of e-coli bacteria in the gut which leads to severe and often hemorrhagic diarrhea. The good news is Lyra is doing well, getting hydrated and is responding to antibiotics.

She has been transferred from the vet to her foster home where she is getting some much needed rest and recovery. Lyra’s foster mom is focusing on getting her healthy and up to an appropriate weight all while getting to know this young girl!

As Lyra’s health continues to improve, she will make her way over to the available page. In the meantime, if you would like to help sponsor this girl, just click on the link next to her picture at the top of this page. Lyra, foster mom, and FBRN send you many thanks for your support!


Braden Tuttle

Hope you feel better soon. Our rescue Tango had the same problem and is now a healthy happy boy. Theresa Babuscio

cato cavazos

Feel better soon! From Fergus the Frenchie, Ontario Canada

Angela Thompson

Lyra looks just like my baby girl, Lulu. But she looks so scared. Have to admit it choked me up. I hope she is relaxing and getting lots of love. She is beautiful. We love you Lyra! Thank you to the folks caring for her at the moment. Best regards, Greg, Krystal and Lulu (the Frenchie)

Adorable! Get well soon Lyra! Sarah Martinez

Good luck with your recovery, gorgeous girl! We're donating in memory of our little French nugget Bowie, who just crossed the rainbow bridge. 3 Franchesca, Jeff & Miso

Hello Lyra and Foster family. We hope Lyra is thriving during her healing. We hope you are all safe during this time. Thinking of you all and sending you healing and loving vibes. Take care! Greg, Krystal & Lulu (the Frenchie)