Date posted: 10/15/17
Location: Ontario, Canada

The hills are alive, with the sound of music…better known as a Frenchie yodel, which is music to our ears. Welcome Marta and Brigitta to FBRN! These two girls came to us with a sad tale after they were left at a shelter by owners who could no longer afford them. Now they are climbing every mountain and getting ready to find their forever home.

Marta is a seven-year-old brindle of love and Brigitta is a sassy, independent five-year-old pied. Both girls have received high praise from the vet with only a few kinks to work out. Marta is having a mass on her neck analyzed, but it appears to merely be a cyst. Brigitta walks with an odd gait and her vet is keeping an eye on whether it progresses during her time in foster care. They love to play and lounge around, as good little Frenchies do, and are starting to show their individual personalities.

Their foster mom is working on figuring out if they are bonded, but they do seem to love each other. We'll let readers know as time goes on whether they will be available as a two-fer or as single adoptions.

While the girls settle into their foster home, they could use some loving by the FBRN family. Please click on the link to donate and help them with vet expenses and some of their favorite things. And, don’t forget to let them know what good little girls they are. We hear they are working on their “lay ee odl lay ee odl-oo’s” to say thank you!


With love from Hank And Gus in CA. Keri Peranich Wilson

Marta, with love from Pork & Beans.

Take care Marta! Not much but hope it will help a little bit! Love, Jie Han

For Marta, from CeeCee

Hey Marta, we hope you get to move to the adoption page very soon! In the meantime, here’s a little something to get whatever you need ! Love you, Bessie & Ollie

Hey ladies! Hope all is well up there in wintery Ontario, Marta & Brigitta. Lots of love and sunshine from Las Vegas! Angela Holland