Date posted: 7/1/17
Location: Louisiana

Pass the gumbo, wee Mineaux is stirring hearts down in Cajun country! This petite gal is three years old and quite the beauty, but she has had a rough go of it in her short lifetime due to a debilitating spine injury. Mineaux was surrendered in the hopes she would receive the care she needs to live a long, pain free life. One look in her big, brown eyes will have you adding your name to her list of admirers!

Mineaux has gotten the hang of her wheelchair and scoots around fairly well to get her where she wants to go. She also doesn’t seem to be put out very much that her wardrobe now includes diapers to help with being incontinent. So far, she is pretty shy and doesn’t vocalize her thoughts much unless a cat crosses her path. We’re betting she will really come out of her shell as she gains trust in her foster home.

Mineaux will be visiting the vet and seeking expert advice on further treatment, if any, for her back issues. Please help Mineaux by clicking on the link to donate and don’t forget a word or two of encouragement for this adorable girl. She’s been known to model her stylish wardrobe on social media and may just send a photo to say thanks!


Teresa Caudle

greg stanley