Date posted: 8/12/17
Location: WI

Miso sounds every bit as delicious as he is. This poor boy has been through a string of hard times. His most recent family surrendered him to a shelter due to aggression. Before them he was taken from his other home because he wasn't given the care that he needed. He was left hanging out in the backyard all the time and sometimes even roamed the city streets, where the dog catchers picked him up. Luckily for him, FBRN came to his rescue.

Despite his tale of woe and some uncomfortable health problems--he's being treated for allergies, kennel cough, and skin infection--he seems to be the typical Frenchie. One of his poor little ears is flopped over, and he will get to the vet to determine the cause of that. Now that he's found a foster home, he is living high on the hog.

His foster mom reports that he loves belly rubs, car rides, and rolling on the pavement to scratch his itchy back. He's tolerated his first bath to get that lovely coat back to its original cream color. Miso also seems to be housebroken, as he hasn't had an accident in foster care yet! There was a slight bit of aggression when foster mom bumped his bone with her foot, but that was easily corrected and she has not seen the reported aggression that he was surrendered for to date. As he settles in and reveals more of his "true" personality, we'll keep an eye on that reported aggression.

Floppy ear and all, this boy is sure to win the hearts of everyone! If you have some spare change that you could throw in from your change jar for a guy that is down on his luck, then please consider donating it to Miso. All you need to do is click on the link to sponsor him. Thank you!


Theresa Marko

Hopefully those street days are well behind you! Pork&Beans

Wishing you the best Miso! Kelly Braden