Date posted: 11/11/17
Location: Kentucky
UPDATE: Hallowe'en weekend, beautiful 15-year-old Mulberry came to live with her foster family. During her intake exam, xrays found multiple masses in her abdomen and chest. A week before Christmas, her foster mom helped her over the bridge. We are so proud we could provide Mulberry with a loving family for the last few weeks of her long life. That's what rescue is for, and it's what we are happy to do for dogs who need us.

Mulberry was surrendered by her 83-year-old owner when her declining health made it impossible to provide Mulberry with the care she had been accustomed to for the past 15 years. Mulberry has been loved and cared for by the same family her entire life and many tears were shed when she was surrendered to FBRN. We’re glad to have the opportunity to help and we promise that Mulberry will find a wonderful forever home where she can live out her life as a princess!

According to her medical records this sweet senior may have cataracts, but for 15, she seems to be in great health. Foster mom reports Mulberry is housebroken but may be losing a little control requiring more frequent bathroom breaks. During her initial vet exam, we’ll get her checked for a UTI and then we’ll have more to report on her health. While in foster care, Mulberry has been a wonderful houseguest. She has welcomed being picked up and loved on, and she even seemed to enjoy having her ears cleaned. Next up, bath and nail trimming! We think Miss Mulberry will do just fine.

Mulberry will slowly be introduced to the resident dogs in her busy foster home. So far she has not reacted one way or another towards them, but we’ll have more to report after she gets settled in. For now, this sweet little lady is just trying to figure out where she is, if she is safe, and most importantly, what time is dinner!?

Please welcome this gentle soul to FBRN and if you are able, please consider becoming her sponsor. Mulberry could use a few encouraging words as she starts the journey to a perfect forever home! Thank you!


For beautiful Mulberry from Rin & Crew

Irina Weintraub

For Mulberry, from CeeCee