Date posted: 4/1/18

At 10 months old, Nacho was surrendered because his owners said his separation anxiety led him to be aggressive toward the little girl in the family. 

So far, Nacho's foster family reports no signs of aggression among their family or their dogs, though he did have some problems with the first vet he saw when they took him "in the back". At the second vet, Nacho stayed "in the front" in an exam room with his foster parents, and he did much better. No problems at all. 

The vet reports that this crunchy little cheesy, spicy treat is healthy, apart from a bit of an ear infection. 

Right now, Nacho is loving spending time with the resident Frenchies in his foster home, and we'll be watching carefully to see how his training proceeds. Some structure, a little confidence, and the opportunity to observe the older dogs' interactions and his foster mom thinks he is going to be strutting like the big dogs in no time. If you'd like to encourage young Nacho in his education--maybe help spring for a field trip or a puppy class?--you can click on his photo. And don't forget to leave him a message! We all need a little "Atta boy!" sometimes.


Nacho, I believe in you! Michael Floyd

Nacho, we believe in you boy! Free yourself of anxiety. Pug smooches, Midas & his mommy