Date posted: 2/26/19
Location: FL

One of our intrepid FBRN volunteers was enjoying a weekend shopping trip to Nordy’s when the bat-eared signal went out—a Frenchie in distress! She dropped what she was doing, jumped into her bat-eared-mobile (or Subaru, whatever) and zoomed over to the vet clinic, where a sweet Frenchie boy was in desperate need of medical attention. He had gone down in the back and his hind legs were useless. Our volunteer got him to the specialty clinic and into surgery that very same day, and he came through with flying colors. From there, he took a 300+ mile trip up the Florida coast until he reached his foster home, where he was christened with the name Nordstrom (what else?)

This 6-year-old sweetheart is currently on strict crate rest while his back heals up. Fortunately, crate rest in Florida involves less time huddled in front of the heat and more time gazing out onto the swimming pool from the lanai. On top of that, Nordstrom has five beautiful ladies of the canine persuasion who are keeping a close eye on him and making sure he feels at home. (It’s a ruff life.)

It will be several more weeks before we know for sure whether Nordstrom’s surgery was a success, but it’s sure looking good so far. His back is humped and he’s got a wicked line of staples down his back, but he’s walking on all four legs when he goes out for his potty breaks. Thanks to the strict crate protocol, foster mom hasn’t gotten to do as much snuggling with him as she’d like, but she reports that he’s an absolute darling who wags at the sound of her voice and “is slim-hipped and long-legged (think Kurt Russell in Tombstone).” Hubba hubba!

What does the future hold for our sweet boy Nordstrom? Was his surgery a success? Will he be able to run and cavort about with his five foster sisters? Will a neuter help his unfortunate proclivity to mark every upright surface? Did our volunteer ever get to finish her shopping? We don’t have these answers yet, but what we do know is that Nordstrom’s treatment and recovery will cost a pretty penny, and we could really use your help. So if you’re able, please consider donating a dollar or ten and becoming Nordstrom’s sponsor. Since FBRN is an all-volunteer organization, you can rest assured that every penny of your contribution goes toward helping Frenchies in need. Nordstrom and all of us at FBRN thank you for your support!