Date posted: 10/5/18
Location: Texas

FBRN's newest super-sweet Frenchie, 8-year-old Norman, came in looking more like Norma Bates at the end of Psycho than a vibrant pup who is supposed to be enjoying his golden years. Surrendered due to circumstances surrounding divorce, Norman has now found the best place to rest and revive.

While Norman was initially thought to be heartworm positive, turns out he isn't! But he is house broken, loves his new soft doggy bed, and searches out any bit of sun in which to lie. That's the good news. The other news is he is a pretty sick pup with Addison's disease, bilateral yeasty ears, urinary tract infection, skin infection, dry eyes, and allergies. And yet, he has given his foster mum some butt wiggles and a couple of kisses. For now, he's sleeping a lot, eating 3 times a day to try to put on some weight, and learning what it is like to be loved and cared for.

Follow his transformation as his spirit is restored in foster care. Click on his photo to leave some words of encouragement and donate a few dollars to his growing vet bill, if you like. We know he'd give you a few butt wiggles and kisses in thanks.


With love from Rin & Crew

Norman, you look life our beloved Lefty, who gave us 13 wonderful years of love. We lost him in January and miss him every single day. Sending you love and prayers sweet boy! The Underwoods

Something material for Norman, accompanied by lots of love and prayers. Denise

Good luck little man! Lynn Jacobson

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For Norman's care to make him feel better. Gregory Sorbello