Date posted: 3/24/19
Location: IA

Please welcome Nuno! Nuno is a handsome, 9-year-old Frenchie who lived with the same family his whole life. After having children, they realized that Nuno wasn’t getting the attention he deserved and made the decision to surrender him to FBRN. We’re here to help and we know that Nuno will find a forever home in no time!

After Nuno gets settled into his foster home and is introduced to other pets, we’ll have more to report on how he interacts. We already know he loves spending time with his people! In fact, he tends to get a little anxious when left alone and that anxiety can cause him to have accidents in the house. Nuno’s foster mom is making progress on curbing this behavior. She has been leaving Nuno for short periods and so far, only one accident. Nuno is quickly learning what is expected of him and he loves getting rewards and being told what a good boy he is!

During his initial vet exam, Nuno expressed his feelings of displeasure by barking…a lot. Thankfully, the vet wasn’t offended by all of Nuno’s chatter! Foster mom noticed that Nuno licks his paws frequently and the vet believes this is due to allergies. Nuno is being treated for an ear infection and allergy testing will be done soon. Other than that, Nuno is a healthy little guy!

Nuno is enjoying his brand new bed and the abundance of snacks in his foster home. However, he could use a few encouraging words and perhaps a chew toy to help him keep his mind off of his itchy paws. If you’d like to become Nuno’s sponsor, just click the banner above. Nuno and FBRN would be forever grateful.