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Date posted: 9/21/19
Location: NJ

Please send positive healing thoughts to FBRN's nuttiest new foster, Nutella. Ms. Nutella is a 3-year-old Amish mill momma who went down in the hind end and was facing a dire situation. A fellow rescue organization alerted FBRN, and thanks to a fast-acting volunteer, we were able to get her out and safely into surgery.

Nutella's surgeons located a disc herniation at L2-L3, which they were able to correct. After surgery, Nutella began to show signs of feeling and sensation in her back paws again! The day following surgery, the vet gave Nutella a promising prognosis; she said that while Nutella's future is still largely unknown, given her exceptional progress so far, she is optimistic that Nutella could make a full--or mostly full--recovery, given time! Nutella also has an ear infection, which is being treated in her foster home.

Throughout this whole process, Nutella has shown nothing but love for the people around her. During her time at the vet, she simply nuzzled and kissed any of the techs who were working on her. She never made a peep in her cage or reacted to any of the other animals. She's as polite as can be! Now that Nutella is at her foster home, she has settled in nicely and is very easy going. She happily lets her foster mom assist her with physical therapy exercises, massage her, and clean her ears. For the time being, Nutella has to be on fairly strict crate rest because she is pretty mobile on her front limbs. Her foster family is spending a lot of time sitting in her room, giving her the love and attention she has always deserved.

While it's going to be a long road for Ms. Nutella, she's obviously a fighter and has come a long way in a short amount of time. If you would like to sponsor Nutella and help with her surgery and physical therapy bills, just click on the link next to her adorable mug shot. She sends you all lots of love and Frenchie kisses too!


For Nutella from Rooster Cogburn

Jaclyn West

Scott Hatland

This is for Nutella. Thank you for taking care of her. Jennifer Liou

Julia Atkins

For Nutella- get well little girl. emily wahlberg

Kasey Braddock

Wishing Nutella the best! Thanks for all FBRN does for these sweet dogs! Andrew Meyer

Halle Resch

Tommie Huard

This is for Nutella. The text to donate function didn't work securely for me, but I wanted to make sure this little lady got the help she needed. Thank you FBRN for making sure this gorgeous frog dog has a warm bed and loving home to stay at tonight. You rock!!! Misty LaPeer

This is for Nutella. I pray you can get better and live a happy loving life. Brenda Kern

For Nutella, the dog lol. James Aloi

For Sweet Nutella. Laura Booras

Christian Lee

Tracy Heinz

for Nutella, may she feel grass and sunshine on her face very soon! Teri King

For Nutella, who deserves to experience life and love.Love, Julia & Casey - in memory of our angel, Libby

Tiffany french

jaclynne deridder

This donation is to go towards Frenchie Nutella. Sweet girl I hope you have a successful surgery and can soon enjoy the life you always should of had. So much love! Carolyn Thomas

Some sweet treats for Nutella who deserves only “sweetness” in this new chapter of her life!  In memory of my much adored, sweet Marshall. Miss him everyday. Jackie and Jerry

Jacqueline Mattera

For Nutella in memory of Gracie. Michelle Woolsey