Date posted: 12/18/18
Location: NC

Move over Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia, and Rose. There's a new Golden Girl in town. Give a warm welcome to FBRN's newest member, Olive. Olive was tearfully surrendered when her family had to move overseas for work. This is her second time as an FBRN foster and she is looking for the perfect retirement home to spend her golden years.

While Olive is an old gal at 10 years old, don't let her age fool you. Much like her Golden Girl clan, she is a feisty lady who doesn't let her age define her. She loves to speak her mind and believes it's her way or the highway. She is a sucker for attention and thinks she is the queen of the castle. Currently, since Olive is a strong independent lady, she is not fond of her doggie foster brothers. Her foster family is working on her manners and sharing skills so hopefully she will come around. Right now she is most content when she is snuggled up next to her favorite humans. When she is not enjoying cuddle time she occupies herself with her toys.

Olive is in very good health. She has some typical Frenchie itchies but is overall an extremely healthy girl who has no sign of slowing down!

If you would like to sponsor Olive and help her on her way to the available page, just click on the link next to her gorgeous mug shot. She sends you all lots of love and tons of frenchie kisses!


Here you go olive, Best of luck. - BEE

Hello Olive. What a sweet face you have! Just a little something to help you move closer to your forever home. I look forward to seeing your progress. Sending lotsa love, GeGe