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Date posted: 8/2/20
Location: Southern California

With one ear up and one ear down, Onslow is our newest clown dog! Oh so handsome and dapper, this 10-year-old senior was surrendered to a local shelter for some skin and breathing issues. The shelter contacted FBRN and an amazing foster swooped in right away.

Having spent his life outside, Onslow is currently enjoying the AC and all the creature comforts living indoors brings. Soon he will visit the vet where his skin and breathing will be assessed. We’ll see whether his heavy breathing and loud snoring are worrisome or just the normal Frenchie lullaby. And he’ll also be meeting his foster siblings soon too. So many adventures!

Stay tuned as information evolves on the cutest little compact pied senior we have seen in a while! With age comes certain expenses so, if you have a rainy-day stash, consider donating to Onslow’s retirement fund. Just click on his link and he’ll send some snorty kisses in gratitude.


wish i could do more for him right now! Lauren Tyska

Regina Hardy

Onslow, you’re the cutest. Hope you can make it to the available page soon. Frances Zapanta

Alina Romo