Date posted: 5/6/17
Location: Indiana

Officially introducing the obviously adorable Ozzy! Sweet, 11-year-old Ozzy came to us after his elderly owner could no longer provide the care he needs and sought to find him a better home. Ozzy has a lot of living left in his senior years and we’re certain his forever home is waiting for him.

Ozzy is in pretty good health and proud of his distinguished, silver whiskers. He did have an ulcer in one eye that has been treated and is well on the mend. He’s also working on putting on a few pounds and controlling the itchies that often plague Frenchies this time of year. Other than that, Ozzy loves to go on walks, take car rides and find the most comfy napping spots. He loves his people so much that he does not care to be separated from them, but we’re sure he’ll be a confident boy before too long.

To help Ozzy with putting some meat on his bones and with his overall health care, please click on the link to donate. He’s looking forward to a bright future and finding his new family! Thank you!



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Teresa Caudle

Doreen Palmer


For Ozzy from CeeCee

Love his pizza bed! Courtney Davis

Irina Weintraub

Julia Chmaj

-Darth Vader the Frenchie

Such a distinguished gentleman! Sandra Timoszyk

Hi Ozzy. Radar and Stella are my frenchies. Radar is 7 and looks a lot like you with gray whiskers on his chin. We live in Indiana too!! I hope you are enjoying some nice Hoosier hospitality at your foster home. Sending you some money so you can have some treats or maybe a new stuffy toy. I hope you are feeling and will soon have a forever family. Joanne Shepherd